Unsophisticated you
& bitterly angry me
went out to sea in a
leaking teak canoe -
well, more like a boat,
it held more than 2.

The cooler held Sauvignon blanc
from Upstate NY, I enjoyed the buzz,
but missed having any repartee...
Still, I tried my best, I guess,
to make the best of this
dicey excursion.

You kept bailing. I did what I could.
What else could I do? I was stuck
with you...& yes, you were stuck
with me. I know, I know, I wasn’t
your first choice for good company.
Yet, I can get along with anyone
if I try, but I wasn’t in the
mood...albiet our survival
was at stake.

“Keep bailing” I said as I poured
another glass. I offered you some
but you declined, you never had it
before & you don’t like to try new things.

It must be nice to have no curiosity
about anything beyond what you already
know...or is it? Anyway, you prefer
beer (oh dear) & you left it on the dock
along with your cigarettes. It’s a good
thing I remembered my jazz cigarette,
although it was hard to light in the wind
on the open water. (But I suceeded
as I will myself to do.) You, again,
declined a hit. You said it made you
sleepy...& insecure I muttered
to myself.

Anyway, finally we made it to
shore & quickly feigned our good­byes
& ran to our prospective corners
until the next day
when we do it all over.                                          March 2014 

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