Shakespeare is Beethoven is birdsong is mountain is tree
                             -- a Midwinter’s Reverie in 9 acts

Beatles & Bob Dylan riding an electric current
   traveling thru landscapes from a Samuel Beckett
   play while the aurora borealis lights the sky --
           the stage as it were.

Garbo & Ella Fitzgerald chuckle in a back
    banquette at a dimly lit jazz cafe on 52nd St
    between 5th and 6th Avenue. Others will be joining them
    later ___ Sinatra for sure, Roxy Music & Fred
    Astaire. Paul Taylor is said to be bringing
    Alexander the Great & Motherwell ___
    Won’t they have tales to tell, round midnight
    Bring your mental tape recorder.

Tennessee Williams is already there,
   esconced in the gentleman’s lounge smoking
   a jazz cigarette, talking with Paul Newman
   about Hitchcock. He’s proposing a screenpl
   one of panache & perversion, which alas,

   will never come to pass, as we all know.

                at the same time...

ouise Bourgeouis is holding court in
   the Ladie’s lounge with Dietrich &
   Eva Hesse. The conversation becomes
   a bit esoteric, but Marlene flirts
   away anyway - all Night long - with Everyone

Rita Hayworth is rumored to be coming,
   along with her hair. Maybe if we’re super lucky
   she’ll dance with Mr. Astaire. Jimi Hendrix is a
   possibility, as is Audrey Hepburn. Gary Cooper
   ...maybe, you never know what's true until
   they appear before you.

Debussy is at Stork Club on 53rd. He's dining
   with the Duke (Ellington) & Queen (Hepshetsut)
   & yes, even (M.L.) King. I wonder if Debussy
   brought his famous faun... but that would
   be so wrong - a nightclub is no place
   for an afternoon faun. Wow, wouldn't
   that be something, they might pop in too
   ...we're just around the corner on 52.

Pericles will definitely not be joining us,
  he has to go to bed early - he has
  democracy to invent in the morning, as well
  as overseeing the construction of the Parthenon. 
  I can certainly understand that he has no time
  for this late night repartee...although he will be missed.        
  President Lincoln too...
  he has other things to do.

Kasmir Malevich was expected... but he was
   arrested... back in the U.S.S.R.
   Robert Ryman should come in his place
   but you probably wouldn't see him anyway,
   he'd be wearing white on white.

What can I say...I call it like I see it.

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