Ripples from the Big Bang beckon me
What a curious date that will be
you on the South Pole, me on the beach*
you billions of years old, me, a trillionth
of a trillionth of a second...or so
it seems.

Should we double date with
Dark Energy & Dark Matter?
Or are we doing that anyway?

I’m understandably nervous ­
Who wouldn’t be? Perhaps
I should call the real Dr. Hurricane,
he’s a physicist thru & thru...
Ask him “if you were in my feet,
what would you do?”

I’m sure he’d say to
“just­go­for­it!” & that it’s
“a unique opportunity in the annals
of human history” & to “relax...
your innocence will innoculate you”
& that he’s even “jealous”, “if he
weren’t married he’d love to join you”

One last question, Dr. Hurricane,
I’d beg to ask before he hangs up...
“What should I wear?”
I’d bet the house he’d reply,
“Well, that’s not exactly my area of
expertise, but I’d say... something
durable, something casual but chic”

I find human beings odd ­ the way
they sit facing a wall instead of the
sea when they’re at the beach
& blather away incessantly.
Spare me from all the shallow
thoughts & deeds ­ let each
word resonate further than it seems.

*Pompano Beach, Florida ­ March 2014 

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