The Island of the Man-Beast

“On the Island of the Man-Beast
and 100,000 dreams I awoke”
said the king (of Prospero’s Island)
in explaining to the dark.
“In the cold rain, a storm blew us here.”
Far in the distance, the wail of
the mystery train could be heard.
The Man-Beast then spoke:
“I cannot leave
   I cannot stay…
These ocean walls compel me thus.
No maid or maiden
for my marriage bed
nor bachelor-beast
I must wed.”
“OK,” said the king.
“Beethoven my blood!
Take this jug of wine
and carry ye to the bush.
Seek shelter there
deep beneath the forest
the gods await to whisper.
Sweet dreams, fellow fool,
‘morrow brings
another mystery,
more tales
from this odyssey.”

Perhaps the sea will be calmed
and the sun will at last break free
I will tell you, if I’m up to it,
part three.


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