Let's talk about...


Buddha. Duchamp. Queer Theory. And let's not forget string & quantum field theory; the disappearance of: coral reefs, all species in the sea & CD stores; the deconstruction of intellectual discourse vs. the politics of hope; the inherent dignity of man and the fundamental decency of ordinary people vs. the awfulness factor seething outside your door, in the subway car, on the news; and what about social pathology, fanaticism, absolutism; moral relativism and moral equivalence; histories old poetic fantasy rendered as most deadly post-modern reality; the brand new importance of neutral facial expressions & intestinal fortitude, the matter of anti-matter, dark matter, dark energy; whether Brittany needs a lobotomy, Tiffany a hysterectomy; the shocking worldwide prevalence of neo-slavery & the new post-feminist pop star strippers on TV; the actual worth/value of photographing Crystal Nobody walking with a cappuccino in whats left of Hollywood and/or actual snapshots of exo-planets (those outside our solar system) as the Big Bang gets ready for it's close up with the rebooted, face-lifted Hubble Telescope. I wonder will botox work in outer space or will it implode? And onto the rise & fall & rise of an all consuming consumerism acerbated by a Chinese & middle class exploding; an ever expanding continent (yes, continent) of plastic garbage floating counter-clockwise in a specific ocean with islands of microscopic plastic sand where 50 billion cigarette filters end up each year. What of five year old children accused of witchcraft in Africa; The profound riddle of black holes & nothingness & the possible comeback of the 50s existentialism; Glacial retreat; Teleportation; Sub atomic genetic mutations and whether bang-bang trumps tweet-tweet every time.


Finally, let's talk about...dancing with the stars; it's charm & delight as they twirl to a big band beat, where everyone is happy: the casual viewer (including me), the contestants, the audience, the judges, the announcers, the sponsors, even scientists...everyone is happy at last.

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