…Inside the Museum

    I’ve worked at The Museum of Modern Art for a thousand years. In that millennium, I’ve spent so many hours looking, working, playing, and dreaming there in the haunted palace of Les Desmoiselles, Cezanne and Pollock. Through osmosis, conscious or not, I have made many drawings in the belly of this unwieldy beast. Many photographs taken and collages assembled literally there.

    I’ve used everything: found Styrofoam, register tape, magic markers and pens, notebooks & Post-it notes (procured on-site), the Xerox machine, discarded packaging…anything.   In downtime, bored time, break time, sitting in the sun in the Sculpture Garden, in the basement of the Bookstore, roaming the hallowed halls looking at shadows and reflections and tourists, standing hours at the cash register I made art.

    Between selling a million Starry Nights to sharing champagne toast with Robert Motherwell, from deep depression to privileged exaltation, these works were done.


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