The following happened over 20 years ago when I first moved to the city to pursue my youthful dreams of art & adventure, like so many millions before & after.

 It was early evening on a beautiful summer day. I was sitting on one of those giant glacier-depositied boulders in Central Park waiting to go to a concert in MoMA's sculpture garden. I had brought along a little libation, a split of champagne. Struggling to open it, the cork gave way spraying some of the contents on the rock around me. A few moments later, a butterfly bravely landed by me & began abiding of some of the spilled sparkling brew that had pooled in a small crevice. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing so I looked closer...sure enough, with a long protrudence, the butterfly was drinking the champagne! I was giddy, what a wonderful, charming way to start my first summer in New York. It stayed drinking for quite awhile then flew off. I watched to see if it appeared tipsy. I thought it must be.

Now, all these years later, yes, I've had many adventures & my artistic resolve remains strong but alas, I've come to realize that the dreams of youth very often do not come true. Still, I remember that 'magical date' in Central Park when I shared champagne with a butterfly and everything seemed possible in NYC.


Jefre Harwoods

June 2009


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